Punny Tea Packaging for book lovers

Our tea cartons are ready!

After our successful Indiegogo Campaign we're super thrilled to announce that our "paperback" version of our popular Noveltea Tins are ready to ship. 

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Launching April 1st

We're launching our first ever Indiegogo campaign to give you our literary tea blends in a whole new format.

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San Francisco Tea Festival Novelteas

We attended the San Francisco International Tea Festival and we got a few pictures for you from the event. 

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With the new movie​ on nearly every Harry Potter fan’s mind, we thought to explore other things that could be on your mind, literally… NovelTeas’ Investigative Team of Medical Journalists has thus identified a list of 10 reasons why you might consider Adding Another Face To Your Head.

(please, please do not try this at home)

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Oscar Wilde Gift Ideas

November 15, 2016

Oscar Wilde Gift Ideas 2016

Oscar Wilde was an eccentric and famously self-aware writer with a large personality that made him an eminent figure of the Victoria era. For the family and friends of an Oscar Wilde fan, buying the right gift can feel like an unwieldy task. So here we have compiled our favorite list of Oscar Wilde gift ideas that are bound to reflect well on you. 

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Pride and Peppermint Cover

Have a sneak peek at the cover artwork of our new NovelTea Tins! 

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We have an incredible tea festival in the San Francisco Bay Area and this year we’re not just visiting!

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Jane Austen Facts

Once you read theses facts about the acclaimed English novelist, you’ll see what Austenites are talking about.

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Cid and Ellen at Novel Tea

Cid and Ellen are two life-long friends in Sacramento with a plan: to build a place for book and tea lovers in Sacramento. Let us support them on Kickstarter!

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Title How to reduce stress in six minutes

Reading beats listening to music, tea, and taking a walk. Scientifically proven ways to reduce your stress levels.

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