Novelteas Paperbacks on Indiegogo: Launching April 1st

March 28, 2017


Novleteas on Indiegogo

Keen on a new brew? We launch our first Indiegogo campaign on April 1st (no fools).

For the first time ever our delicious and organic literary-inspired tea blends will be available in book shaped refill cartons. You could say our original NovelTea Tins are the hardcover version, and this format is the paperback. (Thanks for the tip, little.literati!) The following blends will be available in the new format:

But perhaps most exciting is that we are listing our most coveted (and otherwise not-for -sale) blend: Pippi Oolongstocking! Our Pippi-themed products are exclusive to our crowdfunding campaigns – so get them while you can!


Novelteas Cartons Complete British Collection

Noveltea Cartons Backside

A new way to enjoy our blends

The new recyclable, thick, paper cartons bear resemblance to our NovelTea Tins titles in many ways, yet they differ on their backs – playing upon the design of a traditional title page of a classic novel. Each features an illustration by Lily Jones, the artist of Pride and Peppermint. 

These cartons will make gifting our punny blends much easier for when the recipient already has the complete collection. The cartons seen in these pictures are prototypes; the final version will be sturdier and stand upright.



Oliver Lemon Twist carton

Example of contents in a carton: Oliver Lemon Twist Tea Blend, greeting card, bookmark, bookplates. Tea Pouch is of the old kind. Contents will vary from title to title.


Pippi Oolongstocking

The Pippi Oolongstocking NovelTea Tin was a crowdfunding exclusive; so this Indiegogo campaign is a rare chance to try out our playful orange oolong blend. The carton resembles the original tin and shows Pippi coming home from an exciting adventure overseas. Pippi is illustrated by the same artist as seen on our War and Peach NovelTea Tin, Julia Glushchuk. 

Pippi Oolongstocking carton


Early Bird Special

We'll have a very limited number of early bird specials for the first backers of this campaign, so be ready for our launch on April 1st if you want to get the best price possible. 


Can't wait for more NovelTea Tins? We're already planning our magical 8th, 9th and 10th tins, but that's for a future crowdfunding campaign. Updates coming soon.

Johnny, Jorgen, and Mitch


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 Paperback campaign

Jorgen Stovne
Jorgen Stovne


Jorgen is a tea-lover and Art Director at Novelteas. When he's not designing book tins he's working on his grammar.

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