Fifty Shades of Earl Grey

We aim to please with our newest addition to our library of tea tins: Fifty Shades of Earl Grey - Inspired by the international phenomena by E.L. James.

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Jenni King's Kickstarter Tea Tin Review

Jenni King made an amazing video review of our tea tins! 

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Shipping Tea Error

This message was sent out to all our backers on Kickstarter today.


The good news first, almost all of our 1500 NovelTea Tins have been shipped! Many of you have received yours already and we are thrilled to see so many backers sharing their first teatime photos with us :) Keep it up!

The bad news; some tins are still stuck in holiday traffic due to an address mix-up involving about 50 orders. If yours is one of these, rest assured we'll get you your packages before Christmas, but we're deeply sorry for the delay. Email and we will send you your tracking number.

All said and done, we are so grateful for your continued faith, patience and support. What a fabulous experience this has been! 

Warm wishes, 
Jorgen, John & Mitch
Sipping experts, not shipping experts... yet

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Cool Hot Tea Strainers List

Creative Tea Strainers we love

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Kickstarter Thank you from Novelteas

Big Backers: NovelTeas 2015 KickStarter

See the list of our biggest Kickstarter backers.

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7 Tips for Kickstarter Success in tea category

Here are 7 things we learned from our first Kickstarter.

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 Novelty Tea Pouch gifts for booklovers
Enjoy our new design labels!
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 "I'm the strongest girl in the world,
remember that"

Pippi Oolongstocking


Beloved Swede, Pippi Oolongstocking has hit the NovelTeas drafting table and we couldn't be more GLADA (Swedish for 'excited'). She's strong, has tons of gold coins, and yet her shoes never seem to fit. Backers on KickStarter chose her to be NovelTeas' fourth Tin, now pour in on the fun by helping us design the many themes, qualities and "moteafs" we'll illustrate into Pippi's cover.
Submit your thoughts to the comments section or on Twitter (@punsintinded) and Facebook (@NovelTea Tins)

So far we're striving for the following:

  • Pippi holding something heavy, showing girl power
  • Pippi & friends sipping/pouring tea
  • Showing Pippi's long stockings, way over the knees
  • Showing Pippi's big red shoes and bright red hair
  • Pippi with socks of different colors
  • Pippi with an apron over her dress to hold her gold coins in
  • Pippi with more visible freckles. Sorry to pile on so much at once.
    Pour in on Twitter (@punsintinded) and Facebook (@NovelTea Tins) with #PippiOolong

    NovelTeas Poetry #1

    September 18, 2015

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    A way to pun and kettle

    Aspout Us 


    Darjeeling tea travel novel tea tins  
    'Twas a fleshy read, that War and Peach
    But we've poured through the pages
    An oolong ascent to Darjeeling
    But we've steeped the many stages
    Some would say that tin is just a post-transition metal
    We prefer to think of it a way to pun and kettle
    All Puns InTinded
    tin container tea storage novel teas darjeeling