Frequently Asked Questions


I have a great idea for a Noveltea Tin!

Awesome! Let us know by contacting us here


How large are Noveltea Tins?

Our Noveltea Tins come in twosizes.

  • Large tins are: 9.4in X 6.3in X 2.4in
  • Regular tins are: 8.3in X 6.2in X 1.8in
  • Carton Paperbacks are: 7.4in x 4.9in x 1.5in


Noveltea Tins Size Comparison Book Tea Caddy


Will you make your Original Collection (large tins) in the new, smaller tin format?

Yes we are. Our first Kickstarter featured larger size tins. For our second Kickstarter we listened to our backers and reduced the size. We plan to provide all titles in the new format. Follow our blog to get updates on our upcoming projects. 

You can also catch previews in our social media: Instagram  |  Facebook  |  Twitter


How long does your tea blends last?

Our tea blends will last 3-4 months after you open it. 


Are Noveltea Tins air tight?

No. Our decorative tea tins are perfect for storing tea pouches or other keepsakes. Once a tea blend is opened it will last 3-4 months.


Do you plan to sell tea bags?

Yes! Right now we're loose leaf tea only, but in the future we'll add an option for bagged tea.


Can I buy NovelTea Tins in my local shop?

Hopefully! Tell them about NovelTea Tins if they're not on our list.


Can you create a custom tea blend for me?

Yes. We're happy to create a tea that will work for you. We can handle everything from finding a title, art direction, fulfillment and more.

Contact us for a quote.



My Noveltea Tin arrived, but it doesn't close!

Give the 'pages' part a gentle touch on top and side so the 'lip' of the box can grasp the door. If it doesn't work; contact us and we'll provide a replacement free of charge.


My tin(s) arrived all smashed and bruised!

Oh no! Contact us and we'll help you.


I got the wrong tea blend in my Noveltea Tin!

Contact us and we'll provide a replacement free of charge.


Have more questions?

Contact us today!