Books and tea coming to Kickstarter for the third time!

August 23, 2017


New Noveltea Tins Coming Soon to Kickstarter


UPDATE: This Kickstarter is now live!

Thanks to hundreds of amazing book and tea lovers we've built a library of Noveltea Tins (tea caddies for literature buffs) through two successful Kickstarters in 2015 and 2016. Now we're ready to expand our tea library and will launch our third Kickstarter on September 15.

  • 3 new Noveltea Tin titles inspired by beloved children's books 
  • Tea bags instead of loose leaf (still organic and delicious) 
  • The Picture of Earl Grey will be made available in our new, smaller format
  • Another chance to get your hands on our crowdfunding exclusive: Pippi Oolongstocking 

New NovelTea Tins 2017

The new NovelTea Tins - Coming to Kickstarter on Sept 15.


Mopsy, Flopsy Cotton-tail


Follow the white rabbit

So it is with a renewed sense of absurdity that we are proud to announce our new and improved line of NovelTea Tins: The Rabbit Hole Collection. With three new book-shaped tins and literary inspired teas, we enter the unknown, the disorienting, the psychedelic... the rabbit hole. 

Like last time, the "tea books" will be in the new, slimmer container format and have beautifully embossed covers with plenty of references to the original titles. 

Alice in Wonderland Noveltea Tins Artwork

Anise in Wonderland Watercolor art 


Three new titles

The new Noveltea Tin titles are all based on some of the best books for children in the world. They're also illustrated by artists we've worked with in the past. Lily Jones was responsible for Pride and Peppermint, whereas Julia Glushchuk did 'War and Peach' and 'Pippi Oolongsticking'. Both titles will appear during this Kickstarter. We hope your favorite will be in the mix! 

  • Pu'er Rabbit (illustrated by Lily Jones)
  • Anise in Wonderland (illustrated by Julia Glushchuk)
  • Pekoe Pan (illustrated by Julia Glushchuk)

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You can also join our Facebook Launch Event for more sneak peeks, detailed info on our new teas and ability to participate in polls and more! 

Puer Rabbit work in progress

 Pu'er Rabbit is inspired by Beatrix Potter's very naughty protagonist. 


Pekoe Pan watercolor for the back

Pekoe Pan watercolor for the back of the book tea tin.


Pippi Oolongstocking Watercolor Art

Pippi Oolongstocking is a crowdfunding exclusive Noveltea Tin - Only available during Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns!


Pride and Peppermint Tea Caddy

Pride and Peppermint will be also available again through this Kickstarter. 



New Picture of Earl Grey NovelTea Tin

The Picture of Earl Grey will finally receive its second edition!


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What is Kickstarter?

Kickstarter is a crowd-funding platform where creators and artists of all types can pitch their idea to the world. Thousands of creative projects are funding on Kickstarter at any given moment. 

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About Noveltea Tins

Noveltea Tins are book shaped tea caddies with uniquely blended teas inside, flavored to the theme of classic novels. Each collection of tins is made possible through the support of backers through Kickstarter. 

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Jorgen Stovne
Jorgen Stovne


Jorgen is a tea-lover and Art Director at Novelteas. When he's not designing book tins he's working on his grammar.

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