Noveltea Tins Paperback Editions are ready!

July 20, 2017


Welcome to NovelTeas!
Novel twists in classic tastes.

 Beautiful tea and book lover gifts

Punny, handsome, and delicious, this is home to the world's only collection of literature inspired teas and tins.

War & Peace is a long read, but you can indulge War & Peach in just 3 minutes!

Partnering with international artists and tea blenders, we develop classically inspired products that evoke the splendor of great arts and literature in taste and humor. Sign up below and Treat Your Shelf (or a friend) to our growing and delicious collection of NovelTea Teas and Tins.
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Punny Tea Packaging for book lovers

Our tea cartons are ready!

After our successful Indiegogo Campaign we're super thrilled to announce that our "paperback" version of our popular Noveltea Tins are ready to ship. First up are our backers on Indiegogo, but the cartons will be available in our web store soon as well. 


Pride and Peppermint Tea Carton

Each carton contains our literature inspired tea blends, like Matcha Do About Nothing, plus a bookmark and bookplate for your library. They'll be available as separate refills to our Noveltea Tins. 


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Jorgen Stovne
Jorgen Stovne


Jorgen is a tea-lover and Art Director at Novelteas. When he's not designing book tins he's working on his grammar.

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