Cool Hot Tea Strainers

December 10, 2015


Cool Hot Tea Strainers

Our Favorite Tea Infuser Gifts

Tea by Confucius



Infucius Says,

"Some tea go through holes"

For those who want something more interesting to bob and steep, we're showing off our favorite tea infusers all for sale online (just click the pictures). You won't be surprised to find puns all over the place. In the comments section, please post any personal favorites you have. One day we aspire to make our own novel tea infusers for every tin, until then, enjoy these :)


ManaTea by Fred & Friends

Manatea Tea Infuser GIft idea

If ever there were a famous tea strainer pun, ManaTea is the one. This peculiar (and endangered?) member of the sea suits any punster's tea cup perfectly, although be ware that the holes are somewhat notorious for getting clogged (buy).


Brew Whale by Fred & Friends

Whale Tea Infuser Gift Idea

Fine pun, beautiful color, and an enviable design (say's Ishmael) for yoinking whales out of the tea (buy).


Robot Tea & Drip Tray by Kikkerland

NovelTeas Tin favorite strainerDrowing Robot Tea Infuser

Cyborgs and Ceylons? It's a Battlestar Galactica episode in your cup! Careful though, this tea robot broke a bit faster than we'd have expected (buy).


Deep Tea Diver by Fred & Friends

Deep Diver Funny Tea Infuser

Wordplay so deep it bends the mind. We love the orange silicone and the diver's overall design but we wish we could keep him (or her) from spitting out so many tea leaves (buy)!


Arta Tea Leaf

Arta Tea Infuser

Undeniably a great idea and one with cute execution. There are rumors on the interweb that the green stem is easily broken. So always remember to un-pot this tea pun with care (buy).


Tea Sub - Submarine Tea Infuser  

NovelTeas Tins favorite tea infusersYellow Tea Submarine

(Insert yellow submarine joke here). We particularly enjoy watching the tea diffuse out of the submarine but the vessel can be quite difficult to clean (buy).


Sharky Tea Infuser by Pablo Matteoda  

  Shark Fin Tea Infuser

Dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dangling those old strainers in hot water? Pablo Matteoda's stainless steal design FLOATS across your cup. Although very elegant, Sharky might be too small for serious tea drinkers and also too stressful for those who don't want to spend 30 seconds connecting the fin to the strainer each time (buy).




Looking for more gift ideas for the tea lover in your life?

Our book inspired tea tins are available for order.


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John Pujol


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March 21, 2016


December 18, 2015

I love these products; the artwork does it for me! Makes for fantastic gifts.

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