Rice Paper Pouches - First Edition

November 15, 2015


 Novelty Tea Pouch gifts for booklovers

Is that a Kangaroo?

The Tea Tin's Pouch

What do NovelTea Tins, mittens and brown paper packages all have in common?


Inspired by the kangaroo (shout out to Aussie KickStarters), our NovelTea Tins will hold their precious tea inside of tight golden pouches.

We are as filled with pride as our pouches are now filled with uniquely flavored tea. Each pouch now bears an original label with punny designs and sipping instructions. (Because drinking tea can be very difficult while laughing down memory lane)



Super High Tech Tea Pouch Features:

  • Rice paper material
  • Matte golden color
  • NovelTeas ingredients label (with instruction)
  • Resealable top for freshness





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John Pujol
John Pujol


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