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November 29, 2015

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Welcome to NovelTeas!
Novel twists in classic tastes.

 Beautiful tea and book lover gifts

Punny, handsome, and delicious, this is home to the world's only collection of literature inspired teas and tins.

War & Peace is a long read, but you can indulge War & Peach in just 3 minutes!

Partnering with international artists and tea blenders, we develop classically inspired products that evoke the splendor of great arts and literature in taste and humor. Sign up below and Treat Your Shelf (or a friend) to our growing and delicious collection of NovelTea Teas and Tins.
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For a trickle of fun with puns and literature,

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Conferring Tinhood To Our Noblest MuskeTears

Big Backers: NovelTeas 2015 KickStarter


For when the unquenchable tinacity of a MuskeTear serves the Tindom of NovelTeas in so pourposeful a manner as to protect and warm the realm in it's most vulnerable hours, then Tea Tin Tradition provides a joyous opportunity to proclaim far-and-wide the gratitude of our High RoyalTea in the formal honoring of those intrepid souls with this Ceremony of Tinhood.
Forthwith hitherto therefor, unto all the underlying names, former MuskeTears of KickStarter Tindom who braved the daunting cold of Paypal, and the beasts of social media to keep NovelTeas cozied in its infancy, this King QuixoTea of NovelTeas does hereby confer unto you the greatest accolade he can offer (in addition to Free Shipping)  This adoubment of Tinhood as new Knights and Queens of NovelTeas:
To You Whose Names Follow, Thank you.
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Cim Kraemer
John Kraemer
Patrick Campbell
Kate Wisialowski
Elizabeth Wisialowski
Timothy V. Cotz
Elin Støvne
Knut Støvne
Nichole Miller
Ryan Marques
Karen Howard
Karen bailey
Joel Belben c/o Joan Colyer
Patty Barry
Mary Wilson
Anne Leners
Johnson Hou-Ching Lee
William Jahncke
Nancy Hoagland
Colleen Rodriguez
Alexzandria Johnson
Daniel Park
Sara Glassman
Steffanie Ostrowski
Lee Johnson
Jeff Lau
Ingrid Hammond
Steve McDonald


Thank you from Earl Grey drinking tea

John Pujol
John Pujol


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