Jenni King reviewed our tea tins!

January 18, 2016


Jenni King - Youtube reviewer

Jenni King is a Youtube video blogger and one of our first Kickstarter backers. Yesterday she uploaded a video review of our tins and we couldn't be happier with her video. Thank you so much for believing in us Jenni; we'll only get better from here.

Jenni King's Video Review

Note: Our Earl Grey label should actually say 'Earl Grey Black Tea'. Sorry for the confusion Jenni! And yes; Pippi Oolongstocking is in the making. 

Jenni King's Youtube Channel

Jenni King on Twitter



Jenni King returned later to review our tea blends as promised. She took the time to sample each literary inspired tea blend, from our Chai to our Peach to our Earl Grey. So thrilled to have such a great review onboard!



Cuppageek review

Also; check out Cuppageeks review of our War & Peach Tea. We're so flattered she chose to give our War & Peach tin the spot next to her Wedding Bouquet! We promise to only get better from here, Cuppageek! 

War & Peach Tea Review

John Pujol
John Pujol


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