The British Collection is Coming!

July 01, 2016

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The Noveltea Tins British Collection launches on Kickstarter July 5

Grow The NovelTeas Library
By supporting  us On Kickstarter, July 5th

We pour our hearts into designing every new NovelTea Tin, but we cannot make them real without your Kickstarter pre-orders. More than 700 backers in 2015 came together and built the first ever tea tin book collection of Don QuixoTea, The Picture of Earl Grey and War and Peach. Today, we're excited to officially announce The British Collection. Launching July 5th on Kickstarter. 

The British Collection:

  • Jane Austen's Pride & PepperMint
  • William Shakespeare's Matcha Do About Nothing
  • Charles Dickens' Oliver Lemon Twist

    Jane Austen Pride and Peppermint tea tin concept

    Jane Austen's tea tin is inspired by Pride and Prejudice and blue and white tea sets from the Regency era.

    Charles Dickens Oliver Lemon Twist

    Charles Dickens tin inspired by Oliver Twist, will be decorated in a Victorian style appropriate to the era.

    Shakespeare tea tin

    Much Ado About Nothing is matched with a Matcha tea and takes inspiration from Shakespeare's Second Folio decor.

    New tea tin

    The new tea tins will be sturdier and easier to store.


    Pride and Peppermint Tea Tin Mockup

    Concept (not final art) mockup of Pride and Peppermint.

    We are so proud of the hard work our international team has dedicated to these 3 newest Tea Tins. The artists have brought a new level of attention to detail, the teas are organic and delicious, the tins are new and improved,  and the authors (though not entirely aware of our work) are surely chuffed to bits. If you want to help grow this wonderful tin library, support us on July 5th and share our links with friends.

    Warmly (and sometimes iced),
    Johnny, Jorgen, Mitch

    Johnny, Mitch and Jorgen aka Noveltea Tins

    Huge thanks to our original Kickstarter backers that helped us launch 'The Picture of Earl Grey', 'War and Peach', and 'Don QuixoTea'!  


    Shakespeare, Dickens and Austen ready for a tea party The 3 authors inspiring The British Collection: Shakespeare, Dickens and Austen. Art by Lily Jones.

    John Pujol
    John Pujol