May Uppercase Subscription Box Reactions

May 22, 2016


Bekah Uppercase Unboxing

We just can't stop watching these unboxing videos of this months Uppercase Box!

Uppercase is a subscription box for young adult book lovers and filled with bookish swag. May's box featured an Uppercase exclusive 2oz. sample from Novelteas, plus a collectible Lydia Bennet bookmark from our upcoming Pride and Peppermint tea tin. You'll notice that half of the subscribers got our 'Don QuixoTea' blend and the rest got 'The Picture of Earl Grey'. 


Uppercase Unboxing Videos


Bekah Awesome Booknut has one of our favorite reactions came from Bekah. Her infectious energy is a must-watch!


Luckily Cayla's mom had the right stuff needed to introduce her to loose leaf tea. She confirms it was amazing. :) Check out her wonderful Youtube channel here.


Cats and Books is a tea lover!


Chelsea Palmer thinks Earl Grey smells like old people, but she's willing to give it a try (or gift it to her mom.) That's the spirit!


"I love having a mug of tea when I'm reading' says Natalie Cole


Read Jenn Read's smile melted our hearts. We hope you enjoy the tea Jenn!


Outrageous Book Nerd is excited about our upcoming Pride and Peppermint tea!


Leahbell thinks our company is called 'Pride and Peppermint', but that's okay - She thinks we're a winner and that's all we need to hear. Thank you Leahbell!


Jessica doesn't like all teas, but she will try our Don QuixoTea, she says. We hope it's a hit! Check out her Youtube channel Books4Jessica.


 "I love tea, this is so exciting' says Sarah from Life with Sarah and Amanda

Did you unbox an Uppercase box or test/review our tea blends? Let us know and we'll try to share your video with the world! 

Hello Subscription

Final shot; the contents of the box. Courtesy of Hello Subscription. Notice the Lydia Bennet bookmark illustrated by Lily Seika Jones! Hello Subscription is one of the most thorough review sites online for subscription boxes. We'll leave you with the words of  the editor, Brandy: 

I am not a tea drinker but my husband loves Earl Grey, so he will slurp this right up while reading his stories! I liked that it had a cute literary theme. I for sure need to buy some of their tea just to get the cute “Moteaf” tins. Don Quixotea? War & Peach? STOP I NEED THEM! - Brandy, Hello Subscription

John Pujol
John Pujol


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