Our British Collection Kickstarter is Mid Pour!

August 01, 2016


Our Second NovelTeas Kickstarter is now fully underway!

This year we plan to add three new teas to the library. The British Collection reflects on the work of 3 iconic authors, Jane Austen, W. Shakespeare and Charles Dickens, whose contributions to English literature have helped to define storytelling, comment on society and enrich our culture.

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In the first 3 weeks, almost 600 lovely backers have placed pre-orders for The British Collection! The three new titles are as follows:

Pride and Peppermint
A vivacious blend of organic peppermint and chamomile tea that will soothe your nerves and liven up the stodgiest occasion. The tin container is inspired by regency tea ware. Illustrated by Lily Jones.

Oliver Lemon Twist
A uplifting organic lemon tea with a ginger kick that will always keep you coming back for more. Illustrated by Trey Barnett.

Matcha Do About Nothing
high energy matcha tea with a silky finish befitting of Shakespeare’s romantic comedy, Much Ado About Nothing. Illustrated by Pedro Oyarbide.

Sketches of the British Collection

Concept sketches of the British Collection of new tea tins.


New and improved tins and tea

This second British Collection of Teas, now all organic, include a new and improved Tin design that is easier to display (smaller) and with a more realistic spine shape and fine embossment on it's cover. 

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New, more realistic book tin!
New and improved tea tin prototype (right)


Book lovers and tea drinkers who want to "catch up" can also order all 6 NovelTea Tins. There are options for larger orders as well for book clubs, store owners and collectors of original artwork.

All orders are expected to ship out in November 2016 in time for the Holidays.

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Our current library of teas

Parli Italiano?

This year we will be launching a second, smaller campaign shortly afterward to help send NovelTeas to our book store friends across the pond, in Europe. The plan is set a relatively small fundraising target, but one sufficient to send a bulk order of filled NovelTea Tins to a central distirbutor for Italy and the rest of Europe. This way, European shop owners can purchase at an affordable rate for their customers!

Il Salotto Di Gianno is helping us make this happen. They are providing translation into Italian, customer service in many languages, and also helping us maintain strong communication with book store owners locally!

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