Our Indiegogo Campaign for our “paperback versions” of the original Noveltea Tins is now live! We’re already over 90% funded, but need your help to make these a reali-tea!


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Pride and Peppermint NovelTea Tin - Pre-Order:

Be the pride of your Secret Santa this year with these Pride and Peppermint tea tins.  Inspired by Jane Austen’s classic, these tea tins resemble a book and are filled with delicious rooibos tea infused with peppermint and chamomile. 

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With the new movie @fantasticbeastsofficial​ on nearly every Harry Potter fan’s mind, we thought to explore other things that could be on your mind, literally…

Indeed, we didn’t even have to look further than Book 1, The Sorcerer’s Stone.

NovelTeas’ Investigative Team of Medical Journalistshas thus identified a list of 10 reasons why you might consider Adding Another Face To Your...

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Qi Aerista - 21st Century Tea

November 26, 2016

If every time you drink tea, you don’t need to sit cross-legged, chanting in a mountain gazebo then the new Qi Aerista offers a tasteful modern breakthrough for elegant brewing.

We met with Kickstarter Creator, Rick Ha at the SF International Tea Festival and we loved his product. So here we are, supporting his great work with the Qi Aerista Smart Tea Maker :)


This is a slick, high tech and...

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Enjoying some Don QuixoTea tea and tin by the wonderful @novelteatins

(use code IFREAKINLOVEBOOKS and get 15% off your order!)

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What a beautiful display of our NovelTea Tin! Thank you Carol! 

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Have you guys heard of @novelteatins yet? 

They combine literature, tea and a great sense of humor together and bring to you delicious teas inside book-shaped tins, all inspired by novels. War and Peach, Don QuixoTea and The Picture of Earl Grey available to order. 

They’re currently working on their latest kickstarted campaign tins, which was a total success, and will be soon bringing to the public their new tins: Pride and Peppermint, Oliver Lemon Twist and Matcha Do About Nothing

Click here to learn more about them.

Use code IFREAKINLOVEBOOKS for 15% off.

These are gorgeous shots, Carol!! 

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Final day today on Kickstarter for NovelTea Tins

Build your tea library with War and Peach, Don QuixoTea, Pride and Peppermint, Oliver Lemon Twist, Matcha Do About Nothing and The Picture of Earl Grey. 


112% backed and growing!

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Tea-minus 3 days remaining on the NovelTeas British Collection KickStarte!  Treat your shelf to copies of Matcha Do About Nothing, Oliver Lemon Twist, and Pride and Peppermint filled with organic teas curated to the themes of the books!! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1559433165/noveltea-tins-the-british-collection?token=ca877b56

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Artwork Update: New ornaments for Matcha Do About Nothing (left) by Pedro Oyarbide, and a new sketch of Mr. Darcy by Lily Jones. Mr. Darcy will be used in connection to the Pride and Peppermint tea tin. 

Only 6 days left of the British Collection Kickstarter! 

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