Bookstagram Round Up! Thanks to all our sup-pour-ters for sending...

January 15, 2018

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Bookstagram Round Up! 

Thanks to all our sup-pour-ters for sending us your awesome tea time moments! First up this month is Mary: She’s a voracious reader and tea drinker. And she’s a photographer. She just started a really great book and food feed on Instagram that you can follow at The Fabled Fork.


Then there’s this delightful arrangement from FoldedPagesDistillery. Her shots never ceases to amaze me and she really captured the rustic feel I was going for with the design of Pu’er Rabbit. I wanted the tin to feel at home on any English country kitchen counter. The tin in the image is a prototype. The final tin will have a more elaborate spine and embossed details on the cover. Pu’er Rabbit will be literally jumping out at you.


A bit late (this was posted in October), but I just had to share this delightful unboxing from little.literati - Her walk-through of our Indiegogo cartons was awesome to see and I really loved her suggestions for new tea flavors. 

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Holiday Cheer from adventuresandpages!

Carol, formerly known as ifreakinlovebooks (now adventureandpages) sent us this beautiful shot. Looks like the spines of Matcha Do About Nothing and Oliver Lemon Twist have good company. 

Lisa aka lifeinlit posted these Holiday themed pictures - looks like Charle’s Dickens and Christmas goes hand in hand. If we could only get to make ‘ A Christmas Tea’ soon. Next year maybe? 

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