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Jenni King's Video Review

Jenni King's video review

...Artwork is absolutely beautiful... I was one of the first Kickstarter backers, because... tea and books; right up my alley! ... It's just stunning... I love how they did the cover art... It looks like a normal book. And the tin itself is really secure.

- Jenni King


We would give a better rating than just 5 stars if we could. The patrons of our library LOVE the book-puns, the tins and the teas. We plan to include your 'Books' in our prize packages from now on!

- Jan M.

 Five Stars

I bought this for my sisters for Christmas. They absolutely loved the creative and unique homage to the classical literature. I would absolutely recommend it.

- Ramsey A.

 Five Stars

Great tins! Exactly as pictured, big but not TOO big, fun and awesome!

- Linda B.

 Five Stars

I bought these tins for my wife and she absolutely love the tins and of course the tea inside. Can't wait for the next one to come out.

- Edward S.

 Five Stars

One of the highest qualities of tea I have had, and I have traveled the world on business and tasted many teas, but this one is great! The metal container is adorable and we will be lifelong buyers of your product. Thank you for bringing a unique taste and feel to our home.

- Christos L.


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By WingedReviews

Daphne sent us this beautiful shot on Instagram! She's also behind WingedReviews and Illumicrate.

Tea Time

Michelle from Chicklit Designs sent us her suggestion for how to get through a cold using our War & Peach blend. 

Teatime with Earl Grey book tin

Tea time with Earl Grey tin from Kickstarter backer Dimitry


Earl Grey Tea Tin Gift

Who wouldn't want to hug our Earl Grey tin?

Happy Customer

Who knew Tea tins could be this exciting?!