Let’s help make a Tea Room in Sacramento!

October 23, 2016


Novel Tea Founders Cid and Ellen Sacramento

The Novel Tea will be a tea room where everyone can come to explore, relax, and learn. 

Cid and Ellen are two life-long friends in Sacramento with a plan: to build a place for book and tea lovers in Sacramento. They will blend premium loose leaf tea with a bookstore and tea room; but they need your help to raise enough money for their dream.

Their Kickstarter crowdfunding project for ‘The Novel Tea’ is now live and it’s reached almost $8,000 already. If you’re in the Sacramento area, or just a tea lover like us, you can pledge on their project below.



Tea Time Table


Tea Bar, Tea Sommelier, Walls of Books

The ladies have begun working with a real estate agent to find the right spot for the tea room. They plan to seat up to 40 people and line the walls with bookshelves. 

One very special aspect of the Novel Tea shop is that we will have the Tea Bar, a dedicated space for tasting and custom blending tea with our certified tea sommelier. Our custom Tea Bar will provide formal tea tastings as well as stock a wide assortment of specialty teas for personalized tea orders.

- Cid & Ellen

With a name as great as ‘The Novel Tea’, how can we not support their efforts? Our Kickstarters for Noveltea Tins helped us launch our products and we hope this will happen for the ladies too. The more people that discover the pleasures of books and drinking tea, the better. We’ve pledged and hope you will too! If anything; share their campaign so they reach their goal.


Novel Tea Mothers Day Table in Sacramento


John Pujol
John Pujol


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