Pekoe Pan - NovelTea Tin

The term “Orange Pekoe” can be a little misleading, as it is neither orange in taste or appearance, but instead indicates that it is consists of whole black tea leaves left relatively intact and undamaged during the picking process, unlike many other grades which are broken up or ground to make teabags. 

We thought that these unbroken leaves made a perfect analogy for Peter’s endless youth and optimism, never to be shattered by the disillusionment of adulthood. 

Our Pekoe Pan loose leaf tea blend is a black tea with tones of vanilla. It's as bold as Pan himself, yet exotic and childlike as a trip to Neverland. 

Ingredients: Loose Leaf Black Tea, N&A Vanilla Flavor. Soaring High Caffeine


Includes Pekoe Pan watercolor bookmark with quote.



Contains 2 oz (56g tea) = 22 cups
Tea Caddy Size: 8.3 x 6.2 x 1.8 inches

NovelTea Tins are metal tea containers that look like books. Each punny title in the library is individually designed to add a touch of vintage beauty to any book shelf or tea station. It's a unique storage solution for the tea collector that has everything.

Customer Reviews

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You can get tired of all tea, except one.

Superb, both tea and box. The flavor is rich and harmonious. The box witty and tastefully designed (although, yes, the quote on the back is from Hook technically. Great Peter Pan movie… so, who cares?).
I don’t know who had the idea to design the boxes as books and name the teas with puns, all I can say about it is: you have succeeded in the herculean task of producing something truly beautiful and the world is better for it. I mean it.
I ordered it for myself twice and I live in Switzerland which is not a country they normally ship to. But I wrote them an email and they were so kind to organize a personalized shipment for me. Unbelievably kind and helpful. I highly recommend this as a gift.

Beautiful tin!

I ordered the Pekoe Pan NovelTea Tin for a coworker and almost wished I could keep it for myself! It was so beautiful and came with some really cute bookmarks. Shipping was fast, and they provided tracking links and updates. I will definitely be using this site for gift giving in the future!

Mason Victoria
not received

It has been 25 days and I have yet to receive this order.

Robyn Chappell
Gift tin

The tin is beautiful as are all that you offer. I am not the tea connoisseur so I can’t comment on the tea but I know that my daughter loves every one I gift her!

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