The NovelTeas Drafting Table


 "But I'm the strongest girl in the world, remember that!"

Pippi Oolongstocking


Fan-selected Pippi Oolongstocking has hit the NovelTeas drafting table. We are considering various designs and would VERY MUCH like your input. Using Twitter (@punsintinded) and Facebook (@NovelTea Tins) please suggest us ideas and qualities for celebrating the beloved swede! 

So far we'll be striving for the following:

  • Pippi holding something heavy, showing girl power
  • Pippi  or her friends drinking a tea with the other hand
  • Showing Pippi's long stockings, way over the knees
  • Showing Pippi's big red shoes and bright red hair
  • Pippi with socks of different colors
  • Pippi with an apron over her dress to hold her gold coins in
  • Pippi with more visible freckles. Sorry to pile on so much at once.

    Pour into the discussion on Twitter (@punsintinded) and Facebook (@NovelTea Tins) with #PippiOolong