War and Peach NovelTea Tin

Blending history and literature, War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy is one of the longest novels ever written. To conquer it, you'll want to have a strong white tea by your side, one braced in chamomile (for calm), and with an enduring taste of sweet peach (for strength). Few peach teas have the persistence of NovelTeas' classically curated Tolstoy Blend.

Inspired as one of the foremost works of world literature, this tea is an ode to things that last and things that change.

Ingredients:  Loose Leaf White Tea, Pineapple, Peach, Chamomile, Sunflower, Artificial Flavor. Moderate Caffeine. 

Includes watercolor bookmark.



Tea Caddy Size: 9.4 X 6.3 X 2.4 inches
4 oz (112g tea) = 44 cups
Also available in the Noveltea Tins Original Collection
NovelTea Tins are metal tea containers that look like books. Each punny title in the library is individually designed to add a touch of vintage beauty to any book shelf or tea station. It's a unique storage solution for the tea collector that has everything.

Customer Reviews

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This item made for the perfect Christmas gift. Nifty packaging, quick delivery and reasonably priced.

Charlene Dykman
I bought the entire set

This are so creative and such high quality. I bought the entire set for my 32 daughter for Christmas. We both have always enjoyed both great books and great tea. She was absolutely thrilled when she opened this huge present. She had discovered the site and told me about them - but never ever expected I would buy them all for her. Thank you so very much for this lovely idea.

Great gift idea!

Bought the War and Peach tea + tin for my sister and she loved it! She said the tea tasted great and was sweet--even without adding any sugar. The tin makes it a little extra special!

War and Peach

I love literary classics and I love a good peach tea. It was impossible to go wrong with the War and Peach tin and tea set!

Beautiful tin - big size!

As is appropriate for a book as long as War and Peace, the War and Peach tin is larger than some of the others I've purchased, and I like how it looks on my display shelf. It makes the display look like a real bookshelf! The quote on the tin references Pierre, my favourite male character in War and Peace. Thanks for a great tin!

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