Qi Aerista - 21st Century Tea

November 26, 2016

If every time you drink tea, you don’t need to sit cross-legged, chanting in a mountain gazebo then the new Qi Aerista offers a tasteful modern breakthrough for elegant brewing.

We met with Kickstarter Creator, Rick Ha at the SF International Tea Festival and we loved his product. So here we are, supporting his great work with the Qi Aerista Smart Tea Maker :)


This is a slick, high tech and efficient tea maker for the new century of tea drinkers. It works without ceremonial robes. It has a beautiful soft matte finish and serves a great cup of tea in a reliable, easy fashion. It even boasts a WiFi enabled App which will be perfect for the busy sipper.


We encourage anyone who drinks a lot of tea and is always on the fly to consider backing the Qi Aerista on Kickstarter. We tried it ourselves and it really was awesome – all the power of modern technology and a deliciously perfect brew.

  1. WiFi? check
  2. Matte finish? check
  3. Fancy Brew Buttons? check
  4. Cold Brew Technology? check
  5. Automatic Timers? check

The Qi Aerista team, lead by Rick Ha is currently funding Their Product on Kickstarter, which means if you order one in advance you can get a great price and feel proudly for supporting something you’ll enjoy. 

They are working very hard on an excellent new product that will carry the tradition of tea drinking into the next decade. Of course, we expect our NovelTeas Family to test what happens when our very own Don QuixoTea confronts WiFi Enabled Tea Brewing for the first time.

Back Them Up on Kickstarter.


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