Janeites rejoice!Here at NovelTeas we are crafting the next...

May 18, 2016

Janeites rejoice!

Here at NovelTeas we are crafting the next book-inspired tea tin, and this time we’ve set our eyes on Pemberley.

We’re super excited to announce ‘Pride and Peppermint’ - our playful peppermint is the perfect pairing to Austen’s timeless masterpiece.

We take inspiration from vintage Pride and Prejudice covers, including the art of the early editions with master artists such as Hugh Thomson and C.E. Brock. To bring this art to life we’ve partnered with the incredibly talented Lily Seika Jones.

Her delightful illustrations are second to none and if you’ve followed us on Instagram you’ll have seen some of her tea-riffic illustrations already. Or you might be one of the Janeites we’ve reached out to.

Complete announcement:

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