ichikawado: COVER ILLUSTRATION PROGRESS 004Since I wasn’t happy...

April 22, 2015


Since I wasn’t happy about the shape of his chest, I decided to work on that more changing the direction of the upperbody tilting it bit towards left (his right). As a result of that, I had to move his head, too. Hmmmmm. The reason why I wanted to work more on the chest is that I thought it’s necessary to add more “tangible” feeling in it. “Tangible” in this case means to create the feeling that everyone would love to touch. Well, simply sexually arousive. However, the posture itself got bit too still static. I think I need to re-think about the entire image.

表紙絵制作進行中 004
胸の形が気に入らなかったので、もう少しそこをいじってみようかと思いました。上半 身を少し左側に傾けて、その結果頭も動かすことになりました。どうして胸の形をもう少しどうにかしたかったかと言うと、「触れてみたい」とか、「そそられる雰囲気」をもっと入れたかったからです。しかし、その結果として、ポーズはちょっと「静的」になりすぎた感じもします。もう少し全体を見直さないとって感じです。

Kazuhide Ichikawa (市川和秀) pinpoints an erotic posture for his latest figure!

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