BIGGYM Monthly Calendar, June 2015Illustration by Kei Chang...

April 21, 2015

BIGGYM Monthly Calendar, June 2015
Illustration by Kei Chang

Previous months have featured artwork by Kuro Nohara (野原くろ), Seizoh Ebsiubashi (戎橋政造), Moriou, Go Fujimoto (藤本郷), and Inu Yoshi (犬羲). The artwork for each month is revealed 6 weeks before that month begins, and the calendar page then becomes available free with purchase at both of BIGGYM’s Tokyo stores. We haven’t seen the rest of the year’s artwork yet, but it includes contributions from Gengoroh Tagame, Jiraiya, and Kazuhide Ichikawa. Stay tuned throughout the year as they’re revealed!

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