10 Other Uses For Having a Voldemort On The Back of Your Head

November 26, 2016


With the new movie @fantasticbeastsofficial​ on nearly every Harry Potter fan’s mind, we thought to explore other things that could be on your mind, literally…

Indeed, we didn’t even have to look further than Book 1, The Sorcerer’s Stone.

NovelTeas’ Investigative Team of Medical Journalists has thus identified a list of 10 reasons why you might consider Adding Another Face To Your Head:

(Please do not try this at home)

1) Satisfying eye roll urges, without being rude

2) Getting a waiter’s attention without turning around

3) Shouting out when you pass someone you didn’t recognize quickly enough to say hi to

4) Checking out butts

5) Not having to breathe when you swim

6) Not getting attacked from behind by a mountain lion

7) Panoramic ridge views

8) Traffic safety

9) Signaling friends to rescue you from annoying person

10) Reading twice as much great literature and drink twice as much NovelTeas at the same time

tumblr author
tumblr author