Tea Complete Collection of NovelTea Tins

The ultimate gift set for bibliophiles and tea lovers.

Every unique NovelTea Tin resembles a classic novel and contains carefully blended teas inside that tell their stories. Each carefully crafted book tin is conceived in tribute to its notable author, invoking design inspiration from original time periods while hiding handsomely punny mo'teaf illustrations throughout.

The delicious teas inside are sourced internationally and blended by professional connoisseurs. Treat your shelf to the classic taste of literature and tea at the same time.

Features all three tea titles from our Original and British Collections:

  • Don QuixoTea - Man of La ManChai (4oz)
  • The Picture of Earl Grey (2oz)
  • War and Peach by L.N. Tolstoy (4oz)
  • Pride and Peppermint (2oz)
  • Oliver Lemon Twist (2oz)
  • Matcha Do About Nothing (2oz)

New tins available:
NovelTea Tins - Favorites Collection

Each NovelTea Tin with Tea contains: 
2oz (56 grams), loose leaf tea + Unique Bookmark
Large Tin Dimensions: (Don QuixoTea, War and Peach)
9.4in x 6.7in x 2.4in
Tin Dimensions
8.25in x 6.25in x 1.8in



Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Excellent customer service! Way and far beyond expectation!

I have recently purchased a set of 6 and I can't be any happier with the customer service and the quality of tea.

First, to begin with. The company has superb customer service that bigger tea companies probably would not be able to provide. Exchange and refund, yes, but would be without the personal touch and caring, very corporate so to speak. NovelTea provides quick and courteous responses; their drive of providing highest customer satisfaction makes shopping at NovelTea such an awesome experience.

The packaging of the tea is sooo pretty, too! I guess the eye catching tin boxes are what really draw people into splurging on the tea.

As for the tea quality, I have to admit I am decently surprised at the quality the company provides. I normally get really picky about the exact locations and grades of tea I purchase. Although these tea's origins are unknown, but the combination of the ingredients create a great balance which I savor each and every single sip.

These are fun teas. I would say for extremely traditional tea lovers (i.e. like older Asian generations) might fine these are "strange" tea as my dad and grandpa commented. My mom loves all of them but she's generally more open minded anyway.
Great purchase! The price seems hefty but worth every penny. I am glad I have given NovelTeas a chance. Thanks, NovelTeas!

Merry Frank

Get it? 5 stars. Love these teas and the tins. Fast shipping. Great customer service.

Jessie Tapley

The tins are stunning, and the tea is delicious.

Alexis Venanzi
Wonderful Gift!

My sister-in-law loved them! She complimented the quality and design and taste of everything! Great, unique gift idea!

Emmay Emmay
"Honest work -- with tea -- is much better than a mansion."

I share a new office space with a co-worker who knows her teas! We had some bookshelf space to fill, so I brought the complete Noveltea collection in. My co-worker loves the teas and she loves the tins -- as do I...! We've gotten lots of positive comments from other staff members, too -- we've invited every tea drinker in the office to come and partake of a cuppa now and again. The flavors are lovely -- such nice blends -- and the teas' aromas are outstanding. "There is no greatness where there is not simplicity, goodness, truth -- and tea." -- L.N. Tolstoy (War and Peach)

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