Tea Collection of British NovelTea Tins

A classic gift set for tea lovers and bibliophiles alike.

Every unique NovelTea Tin resembles classic novel and contains carefully blended teas inside that tell their stories. Each book tin is conceived in tribute to its notable author, invoking design inspiration from original time periods while hiding handsomely punny mo'teaf illustrations throughout.

The delicious teas inside are sourced internationally and blended by professional connoisseurs. Treat your shelf to the classic taste of literature and tea at the same time.

Features all three 2oz tea titles from our British Collection:

  • Pride and Peppermint (2oz)
  • Oliver Lemon Twist (2oz)
  • Matcha Do About Nothing (2oz)
Each Tin with Tea contains: 
56 grams, loose leaf + Unique Bookmark
Tin Dimensions: 
8.25in x 6.25in x 1.8in



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